Randy Moss didn’t even need to line up correctly to catch a 50-yard TD from Tom Brady

The 2007 New England Patriots offense was so good that it finished the season 16-0 mostly because nobody could stop the attack.

Tom Brady ended the season with 4,806 yards and 50 touchdowns. He connected with Randy Moss for 1,493 yards and an NFL-record 23 touchdowns, and they made it look easy.

For former Houston Texans running back Arian Foster, it’s not just about supporting a new idea and making money he told the Houston Chronicle about the importance of backing businesses like Mikaila’s.

And it also helps that Mikaila is the one in charge.

She’s very special. Obviously, she has a bright future, Detroit Lions safety Quin said. Hopefully, I can be a part of it and nourish it and watch her grow. The sky is the limit.

The Titans needed an undisputed No. 1 wideout and spent the fifth overall pick in this year’s draft to get one. Davis was spectacular at Western Michigan, putting up big numbers against MAC opponents and performing well in non-conference games against the Big Ten. Injuries kept him from much of the pre-draft workout tour, but he’ll be healthy and have plenty to prove for Tennessee when the season begins.

John Ross was the team’s premier pick at No. 9 overall, but it’s Mixon who has the chance to earn the unquestioned top role in the Bengals offense. Ross will team with A.J. Green to give Cincinnati an explosive passing attack, while Mixon could earn the team’s starting running back spot if he outplays Gio Bernard (3.8 yards per carry in 2016) and Jeremy Hill (3.7). That’s a big opportunity for Mixon, who will also have to prove he can keep his nose clean off the field after punching a woman while a student-athlete at Oklahoma.

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Stephen and Ayesha Curry rap ‘Hamilton’ song with Lin-Manuel Miranda

The newest edition of keeping up with the Currys involves, charity, rapping Broadway songs and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Stephen and Ayesha Curry took to Instagram with the Hamilton creator to raise money for multiple non-profits to aid immigration organizations. The catch? They had to sing The Schuyler Sisters from the blockbuster musical.

All joking aside, for those who donate $10 to the organization will be entered to join the Currys and Miranda at the Los Angeles opening of the musical.

Even better? Stephen nominated Dwayne The Rock Johnson to create a Hamilton video, while Ayesha nominated actress Olivia Munn.

Keep your eyes out for those masterpieces.

It’s tough to see Iguodala leaving the Warriors, but he reportedly plans to test the free-agent waters this summer. He has shown he’s still one of the best wing defenders in the NBA and one of the few humans ever who can make life (somewhat) difficult for LeBron James.

Iguodala’s game translates well to almost any team. Perimeter defense never goes out of style, and he doesn’t need the ball on offense in order to be effective. It helps to have shooters around him, as he remains inconsistent from the outside.

The former NBA Finals MVP is a proven veteran that would be a welcomed addition to a number of squads, but his situation with Golden State is so perfect it would still be a surprise if he chooses not to re-sign.

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The Celtics are keeping it close. It’s 26-19 with 2:42 to play in the first.

Remember that game during the regular season when Kevin Love hit ALL THE 3s!? He’s doing it again. (UPDATE: He’s 4 for 5 from behind the arc.)

Sloppy start by the Cavs. Overconfidence? (EDIT: Soon as I write that, Kyrie lobs to Tristan Thompson.) And now a timeout by Boston with Cleveland up 14-7.

While the Warriors hope to smell the roses and avoid the Cavaliers’ phytocidal tendencies, an upset loss would feel like staphylotomy. You can’t have obliviscence that this time, Golden State has Kevin Durant to flank the chryselephantine ways of Stephen Curry.

If Curry’s shooting goes south like an outarde, however, it might put the Warriors right under a catafalque. A Cavs road win in Game 1 or 2 would allow them to drive a whirlicote right back to Cleveland with thoughts of repeating.

Expect the action to be perinephric between the NBA’s two best teams, and not the stinky surimi that has been the rest of the playoffs. The Warriors put their proveditor to work to be better equipped for these finals, and anything less than a championship will be a letdown.

There’s nothing epoptic or arachnophagous about either team — they share the common goal of bringing home the poinciana. It’s that, or the muggy feeling of a cinerarium.

Who will be elidible? Who will enjoy the vendage? Expect a seven-game diastole through which the fingernails will seem esculent.

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