These Reds are for real so far, but sustained success is a different question

I’ll admit it: I expected the Reds to be well on their way to last place by now. Their early season hotness would certainly subside within a week or two, I convinced myself. This is a bad team, after all.

Yet, here we are on May 9, more than a month into the season, and the Reds keep plugging along in the NL Central. Baseball is beautifully weird.

Heading into play Tuesday, Cincinnati is a half-game out of first — a sudden Cardinals surge has dropped the Reds into second place — with a record of 17-15. Good, not great, but way better than anyone expected from a team projected by many to lose 90-plus games again this season.

Washington’s bullpen entered Tuesday’s game with an MLB-worst 5.38 ERA and it didn’t get any better in the 5-4 loss.

While he had to settle for a no-decision, Scherzer turned in his third double-digit strikeout game of the season in just his seventh start. Scherzer has 62 strikeouts to just 13 walks in 48 2/3 innings this year.

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