Torry Holt trying his hand at coaching at Rams OTAs

The best receiver in Rams camp at the moment may be the guy coaching them — even though he’s 41.

Longtime Rams standout Torry Holt is working this spring as part of the league’s Bill Walsh Diversity Fellowship, as the Greatest Show on Turf star tries to branch out.

The Rams led the league in scoring last year, so even if they’re not quite matching the Holt-Kurt Warner-Isaac Bruce-Marshall Faulk years, they’re at least off to a good start. And with such players to work with, Holt’s coaching career might as well, if he chooses to pursue this path.

The questions were creative, aimed at getting something more than the usual nothing that Belichick offers. He still managed to say nothing, or close to it.

Question: Did the absence of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski slow down your progress at all? How did that affect what you’ve been trying to do?

He has had back-to-back 100-tackle seasons which included 32.5 tackles for loss and 10 sacks. Edmunds will likely be able to play any linebacker position. He’s built like a front-line pass-rusher and tackles like an inside linebacker.

He brings production and potential to the table. Despite showing sideline-to-sideline athleticism in the Southeastern Conference, Smith is an ascending player. He can make plays at the point of attack, coupled with the athleticism to play man coverage down the field.

He has rare athleticism for a player this big but hasn’t always played to his ability. Some scouts worry that’s a habit he could bring to the NFL. With work and plenty of forceful guidance, he has the potential to be a defensive centerpiece.

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I’m not saying what percentage I think these guys deserve but what percentage I think they’ll get.

Santana was a brilliant pitcher when healthy. He won the Cy Young award twice, finished third two other times and also registered a fifth- and seventh-place finish. Problem is, he couldn’t stay healthy. Injuries wrecked his career; he only made more than 25 starts in six seasons. That’s not a good number. His greatest hope, honestly, is that voters connect the brilliant-but-brief injury-shortened careers of Santana and Sandy Koufax. It’s not a tough connection to make, actually, within certain parameters.

Koufax won three Cy Young awards, Santana won two. Koufax had a career WAR of 49.0 and a JAWS of 47.5, Santana tops him there, at 51.4 and 48.1. Look, I’m not saying Santana was as good as Koufax, of course, but a challenge of voting for the Hall is finding context for guys on the ballot. Koufax provides context for Santana.

I’m not saying what percentage I think these guys deserve but what percentage I think they’ll get.

And, second, this will be the first year that all votes are made public, which could impact the totals, especially for the guys at the top of the list. It’s easy to cast a controversial vote when you’re anonymous, not so much when you have to put your name behind your vote.

The Braves’ Dansby Swanson will win NL Rookie of the Year. This is hardly a Cheap Authentic Baseball Jerseys bold prediction, but rather a logical one. After a strong debut in the majors Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys late in 2016 — in which he hit .302/.361/.422, and displayed impressive defense — Swanson ended the season with 129 at-bats, just shy of qualifying as a rookie. So he’ll come into 2017 with more big-league experience than other rookies. Expect him to parlay his impressive pre-rookie performance into an All-Star-caliber official rookie campaign.