Don’t tell Tom Brady luck has anything to do with his NFL success

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That grind wasn’t enough to pull off a miracle in Super Bowl XLII. Brady stopped his rollout and threw long to Randy Moss. It was an Elway throw, deep and diagonal, a throw nobody but Brady knew he had in him. And of course, the throw was no accident.

Did I insult you? I asked.

Brady’s face unwound. No, he said, then looked me in the eye with that famously steely earnestness. I’m never insulted by anything.

The new rule, proposed by the New York Jets, would eliminate the NFL’s long-standing practice of making pass interference a spot foul. Instead, it would mirror the NCAA rule that marks off 15 yards regardless of where on the field the foul took place.

The competition committee itself has not endorsed the proposal, and sources said at the scouting combine that it was unlikely to find support. But some members of the committee warmed to the idea this week, and it is expected to receive heavy discussion among coaches and owners next week at the annual league meetings.

A vote could come as early as Tuesday.

It has some momentum, Vincent said Wednesday afternoon by phone. That has some momentum. We had good discussion in the room. It will be interesting when we get with the coaches. … I don’t want to get ahead of it, but I can tell you this: It had momentum in the room among the competition committee.

Some coaches are concerned that defensive backs will be incentivized to commit obvious penalties to avoid completions when the receiver is more than 15 yards downfield. Others, however, have grown increasingly concerned with the impact a single pass interference penalty can have because of the massive yardage involved. In 2017, for example, there were 129 defensive pass interference penalties of more than 15 yards.

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