Since then, he’s learned to block out his various injuries.

History is a long drive, and as with all long drives we remember the first and last miles more than the hours of unchanging landscapes in the middle. On the merits, the first World Series — in 1903 — wasn’t that memorable, and in many ways, the play would have been unrecognizable to a modern fan: One team’s ace was ineffective after injuring himself in a trap-shooting contest, another pitcher threw five complete games, and the best player on the field (Honus Wagner) made six errors. And yet nobody would dispute that the 2017 Series and the 1903 Series belong to the same lineage, which makes 1903 the infrastructure upon which our modern game is built.

It’s gonna hurt, Jones said. But I’m out here. I made the decision to be out here. I don’t care about it hurting.

Jones’ production dipped this season, part of a wider drop-off under first-year offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian, and there have been a few more drops than previous seasons — most notably, what should have been an easy 39-yard touchdown catch in a November loss at Carolina .

But, overall, it’s been another huge season for Jones. He had 88 catches for 1,444 yards — an average of 90.3 per game — and earned second-team honors on The Associated Press All-Pro team.

For instance, 1942 was the year Franklin Roosevelt sent the Green Light letter to baseball, more or less giving the sport permission to keep playing baseball during the war for the good of the nation. The larger culture reached its big, heavy paw into baseball and reminded the sport it is a game in the world, not actually a world of its own. Same for 2005, the year Congress called Rafael Palmeiro, McGwire and others to testify awkwardly about performance-enhancing drugs.

Or, as the vice versa: The 1992 season is the year the Homer At The Bat episode of The Simpsons aired. It might have been the last time baseball players were celebrities enough to carry a pop-culture phenomenon, and it helped launch the show’s practice of loading up on celebrity guest stars. Indeed, in retrospect that episode sort of looks like the final act of baseball’s reign as the national pastime.

He’s been cursing since his earlier years in both New York and Denver. Anthony attributes his vulgarity on the boards to self-motivation:

I’ve been doing it for a long time, Anthony said, via The Norman Transcript’s Fred Katz. I think now, just coming with the whole mindset thing and focus and that motivation to want to get back on the rebound tip, and being aggressive on the glass. Just kind of motivating myself. It’s a mind game I kind of play with myself to go out and play and get some rebounds.

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