Change out of your Mike Trout jersey and Miguel Cabrera will give you free stuff

What happens when Miguel Cabrera sees a kid in a Mike Trout jersey asking him for attention and maybe a baseball? Scoffing, mostly. What happens when that same kid changes into a Miguel Cabrera jersey and then tries again, though?

Well, then Miguel Cabrera gives that kid a baseball bat.

This was a slick move, but it’s not as if this young fan had a second jersey around just waiting for the moment where a Tigers player was in front of him. Nah, he borrowed his buddy’s Cabrera jersey, and apparently earlier during the game, they scored six baseballs from Angels players thanks to the Trout jersey.

The full story is over at Cut4 (also where the above gif comes from), including additional photos of this sneaky, sneaky children and their pile of baseballs.

As if the Braves needed more talent in their farm system, they got their man at No. 5, and they’ll throw him on top of their vaunted and intimidating pile of prospects. The Braves didn’t necessarily need a fast riser, considering how loaded they are at almost every position throughout the organization, but this is a pick that could bear fruit sooner than expected.

If not, if the development path is more typical, the Braves should still be thrilled. The tools alone justify the top-five pick.

The Braves have also enjoyed 17 seasons of starting-level shortstoppery over the last two decades, but they didn’t have the same one-superstar hegemony of the Yankees. They enjoyed a sampler platter, with fine seasons from Rafael Furcal, Walt Weiss, Yunel Escobar, Edgar Renteria, and Jeff Blauser. They also got two stellar defensive seasons from one or both Alex Gonzalezes, though those are extremely dWAR-heavy, if you’re inclined to dismiss those numbers.

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