The Reds held a moment of silence pregame for Cardinals Hall of Famer Red Schoendienst, who died Wednesday at age 95.

He’s special when he’s right and feels good, manager Mike Matheny said. You can tell he’s in a good place.

Harvey is 1-2 in six starts for Cincinnati, which got him in a trade with the Mets on May 8. He also allowed Yairo Munoz’s solo homer, the fifth time in his career that he’s given up three in a game.

The Dodgers took the series from Atlanta and have won seven of their last nine games. The NL champions moved to 33-32 they have not been more than one game over .500 this season.

Ross Stripling (5-1) has been the Dodgers’ most consistent and healthy part of the rotation. He allowed home runs by Ozzie Albies, his 15th, and Freddie Freeman, his 12th, in the fourth inning. Stripling gave up four hits in 6 2/3 innings.

Stripling also had a sacrifice bunt and a stolen base to complete an all-around day of solid work.

I was able to get off to a good start, going through the lineup once in less than 30 pitches so I was in a good spot, Stripling said. Then I had a 33-pitch fourth, the two homers and I was able to limit it to that. After that, you just try to get through that inning and settle back down. I was able to do that and gave us a chance to win, which is what I was trying to do when I went out there.

In the three years prior to signing that deal, Shields averaged 15 wins, 34 starts, 228 innings, 200 strikeouts and posted a 3.29 ERA and a 121 ERA+, per In the three years after signing the pact, he averaged 8 wins, 29 starts, 167 innings, 151 strikeouts and put up a 4.92 ERA with an 80 ERA+. His deal was a classic example of a team doling out a free-agent contract based on what a player had done, not what he was going to do.

Shields landed with Chicago just over two years ago and has toiled in relative anonymity since, while emerging as a veteran clubhouse leader and a go-to voice for the local media. The Padres have picked up a little over half of Shields’ tab since dealing him to the White Sox, so if Chicago were to deal him now, the team acquiring him would be on the hook for only a prorated portion of $10 million, plus the $2 million buyout. Those numbers could be even less if the White Sox were to take on some of the remaining cash.

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Dion Jordan recently underwent knee surgery

Seahawks defensive lineman Dion Jordan recently underwent knee surgery, which has kept him out of organized team activities.

Watching Alex Ovechkin’s flying goal on Saturday night in the NHL finals was another reminder of how crazy it is that he didn’t make it to this stage, or even within a round of this stage, until after his 32nd birthday. The guy has been a top-two or top-three player in his sport for most of the last decade.

Tiger Woods contending at the Memorial through three days reminded me of when I was in college in Columbus and he absolutely owned that tournament—which mattered to him because it was Jack Nicklaus’s tournament on Jack’s home course. And it seemed a foregone conclusion then that he’d wind up catching Jack’s mark of 18 majors. Which makes that seem like a long time ago.

Incognito is now back home in Arizona and told John Wawrow of the Associated Press that he is training in hopes of continuing his NFL career in 2018. Incognito said he was retiring early in the offseason, but became a free agent when he was released by the Bills shortly before the incident in Florida.

In a text message to Wawrow, Incognito expressed thanks to former teammate Eric Wood for being a bright shining light when he was having a bad day and to Bills ownership for giving him a chance to continue his career.

He also wrote that he hopes to sign with a team that faces the Bills during the 2018 season so he can come back up there and kick their ass before closing the message with a smiley face emoji wearing sunglasses.

If Brady’s not on board to the same level, and chafing against the program openly in his documentary series, would that have an effect on a younger player who might be upset with his place on the team, or who’s going through a rough few weeks? Interesting to keep an eye on. Three, the Pats’ advantage has always been in the details. Remember that practice footage of the New England defense repping the Seattle play that Malcolm Butler would pick off in Super Bowl XLIX?

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Torry Holt trying his hand at coaching at Rams OTAs

The best receiver in Rams camp at the moment may be the guy coaching them — even though he’s 41.

Longtime Rams standout Torry Holt is working this spring as part of the league’s Bill Walsh Diversity Fellowship, as the Greatest Show on Turf star tries to branch out.

The Rams led the league in scoring last year, so even if they’re not quite matching the Holt-Kurt Warner-Isaac Bruce-Marshall Faulk years, they’re at least off to a good start. And with such players to work with, Holt’s coaching career might as well, if he chooses to pursue this path.

The questions were creative, aimed at getting something more than the usual nothing that Belichick offers. He still managed to say nothing, or close to it.

Question: Did the absence of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski slow down your progress at all? How did that affect what you’ve been trying to do?

He has had back-to-back 100-tackle seasons which included 32.5 tackles for loss and 10 sacks. Edmunds will likely be able to play any linebacker position. He’s built like a front-line pass-rusher and tackles like an inside linebacker.

He brings production and potential to the table. Despite showing sideline-to-sideline athleticism in the Southeastern Conference, Smith is an ascending player. He can make plays at the point of attack, coupled with the athleticism to play man coverage down the field.

He has rare athleticism for a player this big but hasn’t always played to his ability. Some scouts worry that’s a habit he could bring to the NFL. With work and plenty of forceful guidance, he has the potential to be a defensive centerpiece.

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Taylor Lewan going about his business despite slow pace of negotiations

Titans left tackle Taylor Lewan wants a contract extension. He deserves a contract extension.

But the sides have had no substantial talks, according to Lewan.

Lewan, 26, will get something similar to the four-year, $62 million deal Nate Solder signed with the Giants. Lewan has become one of the NFL’s top tackles, or maybe the best.

I would say from a competitive standpoint, absolutely, Lewan said when asked if he was the best. There are a lot of things I do well and a lot of things I can improve upon as a football player. But for me, if I don’t walk on the field and think I’m the best player in the NFL every time I step on the field, then I’m doing something wrong.

Honestly, I feel like I set the standard high for myself and him, so I think we can be the best in this league, Hopkins said, via John McClain of the Houston Chronicle. I think he can be the best quarterback. I know I can be the best wide receiver. That’s our mindset coming into the season.

Watson is still being held out of 11-on-11 drills to protect his surgically repaired knee, but he is making good progress and expected to be cleared well before the start of the regular season. Hopkins said he’s been impressed with how Watson has tried to improve mentally while he hasn’t been able to do everything physically.

I would say him studying off the field, just learning the system [and] not just coming out and making the plays that he naturally can do, Hopkins said. I would say studying defenses, being a student of the game. Just the conversations we have in between workouts and warming up. It’s constantly going over defenses, talking about what we can do to get better. I definitely can see him wanting to be the best.

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T.O. returns to football, on the cover of Madden

The last great alternative to the primary NFL video game franchise had Terrell Owens on the cover. The latest installment of the only remaining NFL video game franchise has Terrell Owens on the cover.

Yes, T.O. will be on the cover of Madden 19, wearing a Cowboys uniform. They’re calling it the Hall of Fame Edition, and it comes out on August 10, the Tuesday after Owens enters the Hall of Fame.

Greene was demoted after the Times published the harrowing accounts of former ambassadors, while a team spokesman later Thursday said that he had resigned.

Several former ambassadors said that Redskins officials went as far as to steer them to salons that sponsored the teams so they could get dressed up like a cheerleader but not actually become one.

It was like, if you want to make the cheerleading team, you’d better do all this stuff, and that included going to parties where there was a lot of drinking and there were definitely underage ambassadors. It might not be the best experience for the ladies, but you just shut up and do it because you want to be a cheerleader, one of the former ambassadors told the New York Times.

Redskins president Bruce Allen said in May the team was investigating accusations about the cheerleading squad.

You would hope so, he said. But at the end of the day, we’re paid to play this game. They own the game. And that’s the difference at the end of the day.

Jets coach Todd Bowles said it is nice to have Johnson’s support, but did not have much to say about the new policy.

It’s always nice to have the owner have your back, Bowles said. It’s about the issues for us. We didn’t have a problem a year ago. We’ll continue to talk as a group, as a team, as an organization and go from there. We try to focus on the issues and do things behind the scenes that make a difference as opposed to sit out here and go tit for tat with a lot of things going on.

But that was nothing in comparison to the decision to pick at a scab in a way that nearly severed an artery, courtesy of the clumsy change to the anthem policy. For the first time since the President attacked the NFL and its players over a controversy that had come close to sliding off the back burner, the NFL’s handling of the anthem became mainstream news all over again, with few if any happy about the current status of the rule.

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Vikings concentrating on red zone work for Kirk Cousins

The Vikings were pretty good in the red zone last year.

But then they changed quarterbacks and lost their play-caller.

That’s why they’re spending so much time on the close-to-the-end zone stuff in OTAs, as quarterback Kirk Cousins adapts to his new environment.

While seeing a different number on the scale is nice, Adams really wants to see different numbers in the standings this season. Then, he’ll know his work is paying off.

It’s not always going to be about me … it’s never going to be about me, excuse me, Adams said. It’s about the team. Whatever I can do, as long as I do my job, I’m helping the team get better.

A week after NFL owners implemented a policy to keep any national-anthem protesters in the locker room, a few Jets players expressed their dismay with the decision.

The source said that Roethlisberger has done the same thing in past years. However, no reports surfaced of Roethlisberger being absent.

And last year, Roethlisberger spoke out about running back Le’Veon Bell’s absence from the first practice of OTA season.

I wish he’d be here just because he’s one of the pieces to our puzzle, Roethlisberger said. I know he can’t participate because I don’t think he’s 100 percent healthy, but it would be nice to see him here just in terms of the chemistry and learning and being a part of this process. But obviously it’s up to him.

While Roethlisberger once again was present for the first day of OTAs, he hasn’t been there since. Even if it’s consistent with his preparations from past years, it’s safe to safe that nothing is amiss, because (unlike Patriots quarterback Tom Brady), Roethlisberger has no qualms about speaking his mind.

Disappointing, veteran wide receiver Jermaine Kearse said on Tuesday. Me personally, I think they’re kind of missing the point. For us, as a team, nobody on our team kneeled. Yet that doesn’t mean we don’t support the causes of why people are kneeling.

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Five players Giants may pursue during NFL free agency period

So far, the good news is that the convoluted (or convluted, as Chris Simms would say it) survive the ground component of the rule likely won’t survive this offseason. But another aspect of the catch rule could be amputated, too, and that’s the thing that could create unintended consequences.

John Kryk of suggests that the new catch rule will result in the disappearance of all the opaque qualifying language used over the years to define a catch, made necessary when the rule includes the counter-intuitive ‘survive the ground’ element language such as ‘making a football move,’ or ‘becomes a runner.’

That’s good news generally, but if provisions like making a football move or having the ball long enough to clearly become a runner go away, what will the NFL use to determine whether a player had the ball long enough for a catch to be completed?

Pitaro will be asked to reward Iger’s faith on multiple fronts. In the spring, ESPN+, a direct-to-consumer subscription service, is set to launch. Since the $4.99 per month service initially will not include any of its core ESPN TV games, Pitaro will have to manage expectations and possible confusion.

The app could ultimately develop into ESPN’s main business, but in the interim, the offering seems more niche, with fewer big games and reruns of documentaries. It is unclear if it will have the mass appeal that the network is accustomed to. ESPN also will have to make it easily understood that the ESPN+ cost is in addition to cable fees for ESPN’s main programming, which are already by far the highest.

Titans head coach Mike Vrabel has been around the league in recent years and perhaps that’s why he doesn’t find anything to complain about when it comes to abiding by a schedule agreed to by both the league and players in their last round of collective bargaining. Vrabel also pointed out that it’s possible to speak to players about other things going on in their lives until it’s time to get to work on football.

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Brain injuries haunt Patriots players from 3 Super Bowl teams: suit

Forty-two players on the New England Patriots first three Super Bowl teams are part of a class-action lawsuit against the NFL and helmet maker Riddell alleging that they have symptoms of brain injuries caused by repetitive blows to the head during games and practices, according to a report.

In total, more than 340 former Patriots or their estates have sued the NFL and Riddell over brain injuries since the team was founded in 1960, including a number of Hall of Famers, the Boston Globe reported on Saturday.

There are days when I just wake up and don’t want to be around anybody, Gay told the Globe. I just want to be in a room by myself, not doing anything, not even watching TV, and I can’t explain what’s going on.

Otis Smith, a defensive back who played on the team’s first Super Bowl victory in 2002, said mood swings are common among former Patriots players.

Smith, 52, who retired in 2003, said many of the injuries were probably caused before the NFL established concussion protocols.

If you took a bad hit and got dizzy, they called it a stinger and gave you some smelling salts and you were back on the field again, he said of the response to head injuries before 2000.

About $284 million so far has been distributed to about 250 players as part of the suit’s settlement.

And many more are waiting for funds to help them with treatment, the report said.

The Jets’ offensive line was not as bad last year as some people made it out to be, but they need an upgrade at center. Richburg washed out with the Giants, losing his starting job last year, but might be able to move across town and revive his career.

Cousins posted a goodbye to the Redskins on his website on Monday. Initially, the post had Vikings and Jets tags at the bottom of it. Some saw this as a possible clue to the leaders for his services, but it could have just been someone at his website getting a little ahead of themselves. The tags were later removed.

As I’m about to make one of the bigger decisions of my life, I’ll be saying goodbye to my familiar life as a Redskin, Cousins wrote. After calling Washington home for the past six years, the team has decided to move on to another option and, in turn, my family and I will be moving on as well.

Mixon was part of a three-headed running back combination last year that won’t be in place again this season. No one expects Jeremy Hill to return as a free agent and Bengals player personnel director Duke Tobin made it clear that the team is slotting Mixon into the top spot on the depth chart.

Joe really came on for us in the later part of the year, second half of the season. He’s going to be our bell cow running back, Tobin said, via We are going to combine him with [Giovani Bernard] and we really feel good about that position group.

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Jay Gruden is ready to move forward at quarterback

Washington coach Jay Gruden can’t officially talk about his new quarterback yet, but he’s ready to move on from the old one.

They’re turning Kirk Cousins into the free agent market after two years of franchise-tagging him and failing to reach a long-term deal, and have agreed to a deal for Alex Smith which will become official when the league year opens on March 14.

Initiatives on the players’ side include advancing the health and safety of the game, innovative bonuses for stats and offering post-playing scholarships. Ebersol also said that outside of the NFL, the AAF will have the highest-paid football players in North America.

I don’t think you single it out as only a development league, said Tuck, who will be the head of the board of advisers. I think you’re going to have very, very quality players. But at the end of the day, we are complementary to the NFL. They’re the king show right now and for good reason.

The league has a multi-year deal with CBS, which will air the season-opener and championship. Every other week, CBSSN will air one game while the other three will be streamed for free through the league’s app which will also feature integrated, in-game fantasy for fans.

Zimmer said that the team’s training staff believes Cook is progressing well and that he’s on track to be pretty close to ready when the team starts their OTAs in May. Cook will surely be eased back into any on-field work and Zimmer said the team’s overall approach with Cook has to take into account their desire to have him as their lead back for the long haul.

I think he’s going to get a lot of plays, Zimmer said, via the Minneapolis Star Tribune. The one thing we have to be careful about with Dalvin is, you know, we don’t wear him out. It’s a long season; we’ve got to be smart about it, so we’ll have to have a not necessarily a pitch count, but be mindful that it’s a 16-game, maybe 20-game season and we’re going to have to be smart about how we use him. Because he is a three-down back.

Jerick McKinnon is set for free agency and the Vikings have to decide whether to hold onto Latavius Murray at a salary of over $5 million before it becomes guaranteed early in the new league year. Whatever call they make with Murray, having a reliable No. 2 behind Cook will be important for the Vikings in 2018.

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Predators host rival Jets in ‘huge game’

Minutes after the Nashville Predators’ 10-game winning streak ended Saturday night with a 3-2 shootout loss to New Jersey, coach Peter Laviolette had moved on to the next one.

The win marked the first time the Bucks have won in Memphis since 2009.

We wanted more, Bucks interim head coach Joe Prunty deadpanned about Jennings’ performance. No, he was very good tonight. Obviously the 12 assists were great. We had 33 as a team. Like the ball movement, like the way as a group we shared it and pushed the ball. But overall a really positive night from him, a lot of things that were really good.

For Jennings, he was just happy to be back on an NBA court and taking pride in showing the world he can play at a high level again.

I was nervous, he admitted. I felt like it was my first rookie game again, just putting on that jersey was a blessing. I’m just very grateful.

Jan. 13: You might think of Minute Maid Park as a significantly more hitter-friendly environment for Cole than PNC Park, but that’s only true in terms of home runs. It’s actually a pitching-friendly environment and boosts strikeouts, and the change of scenery should help, keeping Cole among the top 25 fantasy starters. Musgrove could get a look in the Pirates’ rotation, Moran could take over at third base and Feliz provides bullpen depth. All could be endgame targets in NL-only leagues. Read more from Eric Karabell.

One interesting element in the Clippers’ rebuild strategy is that Williams and Harris both played well enough this season to be borderline All-Star candidates, and their impact stats reflect that. Williams is almost certainly going to be the NBA Sixth Man of the Year, and Real Plus Minus (RPM) paints him as the biggest positive offensive impact at the shooting guard position in the NBA (+4.36 ORPM). And Harris actually has a higher offensive (+2,58 ORPM) and overall (+2.06 RPM) RPM score as compared to Griffin (+1.61 ORPM, +0.83 RPM) this season. He’s also younger, on a more affordable contract and less injury prone.

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