The Spurs have missed their last six shots

The Warriors lead 21-9 at the timeout. Golden State is 9 of 18 from the field. The Spurs are 4 of 20.

LaMarcus Aldridge misses two free throws, followed by a 3-pointer from the Warriors’ Patrick McShaw. Kind of indicative of how the game’s going as a whole.

Kevin Durant hits his own 3-pointer, giving him 8 points on 3-for-3 shooting.

The Spurs have missed their last six shots not exactly a winning formula. Golden State has the early 8-4 lead off a 6-0 run.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that Manu Ginobili is in the Spurs’ starting lineup (he’s 1 for 3 shooting after making the game’s opening shot). His last start was March 24, 2014. Is Gregg Popovich making a statement with the lineup?

Manu Ginobili’s last start was March 24, 2014 against the Pelicans. He scored 9 points in 26 minutes.

Draymond Green still hasn’t learned his lesson This may never happen, but people still seem inclined to believe Green will someday learn his lesson and keep his demonstrative reactions to himself. Every time he gets called for a foul he runs the risk of getting a technical because he acts like in this case hitting another player in the head is an outlandish thing to get called for.

The refs really screwed up the game. Green was handed what appeared to be his second technical foul in the third quarter, but the refs, after a long delay, decided that Green’s first technical as actually on Steve Kerr.

Either way, Green needs to learn that he’s not perfect out there. Sometimes he fouls guys and the refs notice. It’s not the end of the world. Just hand them the ball and regroup.

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Seth’s percentages are solid in every category

Green himself was the subject of a bizarre third-quarter sequence in which he appeared to have gotten a second technical foul and an ejection only to have it later revealed that an early technical assigned to him had been switched to coach Steve Kerr.

After the game, referee John Goble confirmed to a pool reporter that he did not verbalize to the (scorers) table, and after looking at the video, I should have done a better job of making sure that the table knew the technical foul was on coach Kerr.

That puzzled Cavs coach Tyronn Lue: (Referee) Mike Callahan told me that the first one they called was on Steve Kerr, Lue said. And I said, ‘well, it’s right here on the sheet that it was on Draymond, and our scorers people said the same thing.’ But evidently he said no, it was on Steve Kerr, the first one.

But for all the confusion around that situation, there was some pure bad blood between these teams, which is inevitable given the fact they’ve now played 17 NBA Finals games against each other in the last three seasons.

To no one’s surprise, Stephen holds the advantage here, but Seth’s percentages are solid in every category. Though Dell is behind the current Curry ballers, when you factor in the era in which he played, his numbers are nothing short of impressive. Dell finished over 40 percent from 3-point range for his career and is still in the top 50 on the all-time list of made 3-point field goals.

No matter how you slice it, one thing is clear: 99.8 percent of humans would stand no chance against any of these guys in a backyard game of HORSE.

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Cubs’ Anthony Rizzo bats 1.000 on off-day: ’She said YES’

Romero has what teams like to call character issues; he was kicked off the Houston team after a couple of incidents this season. But he’s a big talent with a strong left arm, and he might be as close to helping a big-league team out of the bullpen as anyone in this draft.
(Compensation for Colorado signing Ian Desmond.)

Bryzzo Souvenir Company is about to become a four-person partnership.

First Kris Bryant got married — front-row seats at the Vegas wedding right here (via the Chicago Tribune) — and now fellow Cubs star Anthony Rizzo has gotten engaged.

Rizzo used the team’s off-day to pop the question, then tweeted the good news, calling himself the Luckiest guy in the world.

The bride-to-be is Emily Vakos, who, the Tribune reported (citing a LinkedIn pager under her name), is a real-estate broker who graduated from Arizona State University.

Maybe she’ll find a good piece of property for Bryzzo Souvenirs.

Unlike lots of prep shortstops who profile at second or third base down the road, Allen’s future is at shortstop in the bigs. He’s not a big fella (5-8), but there’s a lot to like about what he brings to an organization.
(Compensation for St. Louis signing Dexter Fowler.)

Of course, the likely reaction from Royals fans and other Hosmer supporters is to say that WAR must be a hugely flawed statistic. And, yeah, maybe it’s not perfect but what matters is what opposing GMs think, and you can bet they’re going to thoroughly dig into the numbers. They’re not likely to shell out premium prospects for a couple of months of a guy with limited power (relative to the position) and a track record of being a very average first baseman, statistically. The other thing to consider is this: Barring Baseball Jerseys Wholesale injuries, there aren’t many playoff-bound teams in the market for a first baseman.